People from various states are going to retire in 2019. There could be any reason for it. Maybe you don’t have enough money to live in the apartment you are residing in at the moment. Maybe you are bored with the place and want a change in life. Given below is the collection of cities and places you can choose from before you retire.
1. Algarve, Portugal
This place is beautiful, reasonable and safe. It consists of the most wonderful beaches and golf courses. English quite common in Algarve so no matter where you belong; you can communicate easily with the locals.  Algarve’s infrastructure is just remarkable, while the health care facilities are considered world-class. Housing schemes are affordable too for everyone. It is a combination of moderate summer and moderate winter climate so you can enjoy the whole year.
2. Nashville, Tennessee
In case you are not a big fan of beaches, don’t worry this place has got all you need. There are tons of activities to do in Nashville. We have included Nashville too in the list of best places to retire to in 2019. If you love then you will love this city too. The retired persons can find plenty of musical performances at different venues. Their healthcare facilities are placed on 17th rank among all others in the US. House price starts from $234,000.
3. Chile
This place got the 28 ranks among others in the list of global peace index. So if you are scared of living in any state that lacks in peace then go for this one. Chile offers a very high standard of living. They always welcome foreigners in a warm way. The beauty of Chile will take you to another world. Though it is a major earthquake area, still it repairs the areas faster than any other place globally.
4. France
This country was rated among the top of places within Health care listings by World Health Organization. If you are suffering from any disease and visit the doctor on a weekly basis, then it is an ideal state. After retirement, you might be running short of money. No worries, the doctor will come to check you weekly. It is cheaper as compared to other nations. Along with this, the cost of living is cheap here.
5. Spain
Visa of Spain takes a bit more time in contrast to other places. It is important that you apply for a visa you are getting retired. Cost of living in Spain is cheaper than the United States of America. Don’t go to Madrid as it is expensive. You can select from the wide list of cities like the fairytale Seville or friendly Valencia. Once you get yourself a private insurance bond, you are free from the hassle of going to private visits.

We have gathered the list of most reasonable sites for you to select after your retirement. Just take 10 minutes and read about it.