The United States of America is a big country and a topmost economy in the world. You will need months to discover and explore the amazing parts of this state. Among other states of the US, one is the centrally located Georgia.

International Poultry Trade Show

This poultry show is organized every year in Georgia. More than 30,000 visitors come to GA every year to attend this event. Each year it happens that the buyers and sellers from every corner of the globe gather together to discuss the business-related projects. The experts in the poultry field from various cities are invited to give suggestions and advise to new entrepreneurs.

Home to Worldwide Coca Cola Brand

Among other incredible things related to GA. You did not know the most interesting and exciting fact about it. Did you know the globally recognized and acceptable brand Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John in GA, US? Initially, it was sold from a pharmacy soda fountain. Later on, it became one of the leading soft drink companies. So, if ever anyone asks you where this giant was founded, you know what you have to say. Moreover, there are numerous opportunities for you to become the real estate agent within Georgia.

GA the Cradle of Winemaking

GA is considered as the home for producing the wine for nearly 8000 years. GA is also called as the birthplace of beverages.  UNESCO listed GA’s traditional manufacturing technique of wine on the list of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They have made the wine using the most primitive way rather following the latest technological methods. The taste of their drink is far different from the one you have tasted in other wine houses.

Exceptional Language of GA

Though the Americans speak the English language. But, the residents of Georgia communicate in their own mother tongue. The language of GA is included in the top list of the most unique languages of the world. It is a mixture of three different languages which comprises of Nuskhuri, Asomtaruli along with Mkhedruli. Currently, they have 33 alphabets.

Oldest Jewish Communities

Jewish communities in GA are called as the oldest and most ancient Jewish community in the World. Jews first came there in history. They lived there for thousands and thousands of years. Before the 19th century, they came and made their living in GA. Usually; two kinds of Jews are found in Georgia. One is called the Georgian Jews while the other kind is called as the Ashkenazi Jews.

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